Dean Rodney Jr.

Dean Rodney Jr.

To find different ways of making music and pronouncing different words and lyrics - that’s my ambition.

Dean Rodney Jr. is an artist and the lead singer of The Fish Police. In 2012 he led the Dean Rodney Singers, a multi-media digital arts project which was part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The project has had a significant impact on Heart n Soul and led to the development of SoundLab our award-winning digital music-making project.

Since then, Dean has been deeply involved in SoundLab. He collaborated with the band Ravioli Me Away to produce new music, a music video and short films on how to use some of the technology used in the music creation.

He has also continued to release his own music.

Dean is also working with Ravioli Me Away on their new multi-media opera View From Behind The Futuristic Trellis which is touring throughout the UK this year

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