Making music makes me feel excited

Rapper and producer K-Dog returns with his first album ‘There’s No Turning Back Now’.

Using Ableton technology he brings his own brand of heavy and danceable hip hop to life. The album is eleven songs all about life and love, told through K-Dog’s hypnotic beats and unique flow.

K-Dog recently released his video for the song ‘All I See Is Beautiful Girls’. Shot round Deptford, it features him rapping to a cartoon dog and some of his Heart n Soul crew. All the baseball caps featured in the video are on sale now and include a download of his album.

In the future K-Dog would like to work with Lil Wayne and Rhianna.

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  1. Intro

  2. No Turning Back

  3. All I See Is Beautiful Girls

  4. Go Home

  5. Baby I’m Always On Time

  6. Move On The Floor

  7. I’m Missing You So Much

  8. Bling Bling Plane

  9. IBOK

  10. I Can See It In Your Eyes

  11. Only Gonna Say It Once

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