The Fish Police

The Fish Police

What makes us unique is the songs we write. Most bands don’t write songs about Coco Butter or Black Scissors, but we do.

The Fish Police are made up of Dean Rodney Jr. (singer, rapper, songwriter), Matthew Howe (guitar), Charles Stuart (bass, co-songwriter and background vocals) and Andrew Mclean (drums).

Musically they describe themselves as “a bit like crossing a young James Earl Jones reciting nursery rhymes against a backdrop of DIY electronics”.

The band launched their EP - Edge Myself to The Middle - at the South by Southwest Festival last year. The Independent described the first single ‘Cactus’ as: “Joyful in its simplicity, a funk guitar line, glitching synth and 808 drums sitting under frontman Dean Rodney Jr.'s matter-of-fact, resolute vocals suffused with positivity.”

Since then they have performed in Indonesia and continue to perform across the UK.


  1. Cactus

  2. Something Interrupted

  3. Helicopter is Outside